Emilia Hosu are HIV





Emilia Hosu, a hotshot environmental lawyer, realizes her key witness is compromising her case, so she tries to get a decent fuck and save the evening. Things take an unexpected turn and soon it becomes obvious she may have judged him too quickly.


"Against the backdrop of the usual prosaic tune of post-proletary Romania, I introduced a destabilizing element: a character that you instantly feel is in jeopardy, without being able to tell if she’s clueless or deliberately walking towards danger. The whole film revolves around this lavish, powerful, belligerent Emilia, who gets sucked into a moral swamp during a witness interview that takes place in his austere Bucharest apartment. As the action unfolds, I zoomed in on her unconscious attraction to potential danger and the way in which her subconscious manifests a desire to win at any cost. Together with the crew, we addressed latent, subliminal expressions of force in both characters, a sparkle which guided our artistic endeavour throughout the whole shooting process." Ioana Păun


Critics Award Ljubliana International Short Film Festival 2021


Ljubliana International Short Film Festival 2021

Anonimul International Film Festival 2021 (World Premiere)


Director: Ioana Păun | Script: Smaranda Nicolau | DoP: Radu Gorgos | Editor: Letiția Ștefănescu | Sound design: Vlad Voinescu


Trailer Emilia Hosu are HIV