Imagine Bonnie and Clyde, the most notorious crime couple in American history, only this time 80 years later, in Bucharest in the 2000s.

Dan Radu Mihai didn’t find it hard to imagine and thus he came with a fresh and authentic approach that brought a funny local touch to a well-known robbery story. Get ready to laugh because in spite of its few dramatic moments, the comedy is so delicious that it almost faces off the drama. 


Edy and Laura turn into first-time thieves. After a night without sleep, they decide to make their first hit. While they are searching the victim’s apartment, Edy discovers that it belongs to the secret lover of Laura’s mother. The two of them start a violent argument. Finally, they decide to leave the apartment as soon as possible, but as they open the door, they run into two young Evangelists. Edy is panicked and threatens the Evangelists. He forces them to take off all their clothes, ties them to a chair and hurries out of the apartment, dragging Laura with him, leaving the two Evangelists, Larry and Frank, with a dilemma: would they steal clothes from the apartment in order to save themselves? Their decision will gather the four of them once again.


  • Sofia International Film Festival 2012, Bulgaria/ Best Balkan Shorts
  • Next Film Festival 2012 Bucharest, Romania/ Friends Festival Selection
  • Anonimul Film Festival 2011, Romania/ Official Selection Shortfilm Competition
  • Kinofest 2011, Romania / Official Selection Shortfilm Competition
  • Dakino Film Festival 2011, Romania/ Official Selection Shortfilm Competition


Director: Dan Radu Mihai | Script: Dan Radu Mihai | DoP: Pătru Păunescu | Editor: Eugen Kelemen