Bogdan is a 35 year-old man who has known since childhood that he has a heart disease and that he must always remain calm in order to stay alive. But a series of strange events involving electricity disturbances start occurring in Bogdan’s surroundings, leading him on a journey back to his childhood town.

On this journey, Bogdan finds his new identity – a character endowed with a superhuman power: to cut off electricity. A power which he knows not how to harness, in a world that, as he finds out, had been populated with people whose mission was to protect him from his own power.

Stage: in development

Participated at: Transilvania Pitch Stop 2022, European Genre Forum 202Developed with support from:  The Romanian Cultural Institute, The Romanian Filmmakers Union

Director: Dan Radu Mihai

Scriptwriters: Dan Sociu & Dan Radu Mihai

DoP: Pătru Păunescu

Producer: Livia Rădulescu