Sthorzina is the first part of a trilogy dedicated to the age between childhood and teenage. The other two shorts are: The Scarecrow and Striptease. We call it a short, but the list of the people involved in this project isn’t short at all because Sthorzina is in fact a co-production between Dash Film, Elefant Film (Romania), Bas Celik (Serbia) and The European Dance & Theatre Academy Skopje (Macedonia). Big-up to Dan Radu Mihai - the director, and Tudor Mircea – DOP, for creating such a beautiful and visually stricking story and carrying us through an emotional merry-go-round that unites and divides people at the same time.

Viorel is 12 years old and he lives with his grandfather in a village near the Danube River. Mirko is the son of the local police officer in the village on the Serbian side of the Danube. Under the threat of an aggressive and violent father who beats him, Mirko fills his days playing on the computer in his father’s office. His game partner is, in fact, Viorel, to whom he develops a special relationship. The two children have a remote controlled small boat which they use to send each over various objects. When Viorel finds a gun in his grandfather’s attic the lives of the two boys will change.


  • Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival 2015, France / International Competition
  • Cairo Film Festival 2015, Egypt / International Competition
  • Sofia International Film Festival 2015, Bulgaria/ Best Balkan Shorts
  • Vilnius Short Film Festival 2015, Lithuania/ International Competition
  • Panorama – Vila do Condo Short Film Festival 2015, Portugal
  • Odense International Short Film Festival 2015, Denmark
  • Kinemastik Short Film Festival 2015, Malta
  • FilmCaravan Short Film Festival 2015, Italy
  • Leuven Short Film Festival 2014, Belgium/ European Competition


Director: Dan Radu Mihai | Script: Dan Radu Mihai | DoP: Tudor Mircea | Editor: Eugen Kelemen